5 Ways to Travel the World

Traveling can be fun and exciting, but too often we’re met with excuses for postponing our travel plans: school, work, family, a sufficient budget–the list can go on and on… at the end of the day, it can seem like a luxury to just be able to pack your bags and go. 

However, the opportunity to travel needn’t seem so far off. There are various avenues to travel the world and earn school credit or an income at the same time. Some programs set an age limit, so it can be useful to know what options are currently available.  Without further ado, here are five ways to see the world. (Please note that this list is not exhaustive. This article is intended for general information purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.) 

  1. Study Abroad – There are several exchange programs that offer the opportunity to study in another country. A list of programs can be found on the website of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and USA StudyAbroad. Of special note are the government scholarships, both US and foreign, that can fund the trip. Additionally, colleges often offer study abroad programs, and some countries offer a stipend or fellowship for doctoral study. 
  2. Overseas Scholarships – Continuing with our earlier theme, there are various scholarship programs, such as Fulbright U.S. Student Program and the Marshall Scholarship. This is a great chance to immerse yourself in another culture while gaining valuable experience studying, conducting research, or teaching. It can also provide a way to spice up your resume. 
  3. Working Holiday – Besides studying, we can also consider applying for a working holiday visa. US passport holders can visit countries like New Zealand, Singapore, Australia, and South Korea. At the time of this post, in New Zealand, young people ages 18-30 can apply for a visa that allows them to work for a 12-month period. Check the country of interest’s website for more details. 
  4. Travel Blogger/Vlogging – In our era of Youtube and blogging, we can document our experiences and share them over the web. National Geographic offers a photo competition for middle and high school students to capture their experiences around the world. We can also consider contributing to Lonely Planet about our adventures traveling. 
  5. Apply for Work with ‘Required to Travel’ in the Job Description – This might seem obvious, but it provides a viable way to travel while earning an income. Possible roles include consultant, tour guide, pilot, or flight attendant. Additionally, some decide to become digital nomads, working while traveling the world.

These are just a few ideas to get started. Have more to add? Share them in the comment section!

JY Pathways Annual Meeting 2018

Join us for our annual meeting (open to public) on Saturday, July 21, 2018. For more details, please email us at contact@jypathways.org .

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Sarah Sung, 2017 Volunteer of the Year

sarahsungCongratulations to our volunteer of the year, Sarah Sung! Sarah is an aspiring writer, and she volunteered as a contributing writer for JY Pathways throughout the year of 2017. A talented and bright writer, Sarah penned several pieces on career-relevant topics, explaining the impact of current events on the future paths of youth. Due to Sarah’s hard work and dedication in fulfilling all her hours, JY Pathways has awarded Sarah with the President’s Volunteer Service Award for 2017. Look forward to see Sarah’s work in the near future!

Pokemon Go: An Introductory Guide

by Andrew Seetoo

Screenshot_20160730-181756Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game based on the Pokemon universe. The game requires players to physically visit real world locations and search out Pokemon. As part of JY Pathways, this guide was developed to present an introduction on how to play the game and get the most from your experience of exploring both the real and virtual world. Have fun!

Getting Started

Screenshot_20160730-181914Your first steps upon logging in and starting the game are to create an avatar for yourself. There are options to change clothing, backpacks, and accessories. After creating your avatar, you are given the option to catch one of the three original starter Pokemon. Catching is fairly simple, you throw your Poke Ball by swiping up and releasing. The three original starters will appear in random locations around your location. If you ignore these Pokemon and move far enough that they disappear, Pikachu will appear as a possible starter Pokemon for you as well.


PokeStops are the cube shaped markers that appear throughout the world. Upon moving within range of a PokeStop, the cube transforms into a silhouette of a Poke Ball. Tapping this marker reveals info about the PokeStop and enables you to spin the central image in order to receive experience, Poke Balls, potions, and other useful items. PokeStops reset every five minutes, allowing you to obtain more items from it.


In addition to PokeStops, Gyms are an additional marker that appears throughout the world. These locations are unlocked at level 5 and allow you to fight for control of the gym with your Pokemon. Gyms are held by one of the three teams: Mystic, Valor, and Instinct. Other players leave Pokemon in gyms to defend it and must be defeated. Gyms have prestige levels that must be reduced to zero in order for control to shift. Players can increase a friendly gym’s prestige by training at the gym or decrease a rival gym’s prestige by battling. For gym battles, every Pokemon has two attacks. One is a regular attack that is activated by tapping your screen. The other is a charge attack that is activated by holding down your finger on the screen after your Pokemon’s power bar has filled. During a gym battle, it is also possible to dodge opponent attacks by swiping to the left or right.

Improving capture chance

Screenshot_20160730-182001There are several ways to increase your chances of successfully capturing a Pokemon. The easiest method is to use a higher quality Poke Ball. You start off your game with regular Poke Balls, and as you progress through the game, you will unlock higher tier Poke Balls that will increase your chances of capturing a Pokemon.

Berries are an item that will increase your capture chances. They can be obtained from visiting PokeStops. Prior to attempting to capture with a Poke Ball, a berry can be given to a wild Pokemon to increase capture chance. The effect of the berry lasts until the Pokemon escapes the Poke Ball, after which another berry must be given in order for the effect to be reinstated.

A white circle appears around a wild Pokemon when attempting to capture it. There is also an additional colored circle that appears as well and changes size. With green being the highest and red the lowest, the color of the circle indicates your current chance of capturing the Pokemon. The size of the colored circle also affects capture rate as well. When the circle is largest, your capture chance is at its lowest. When the circle is at its smallest, your capture chance is at its highest. Simply put, throw your Poke Ball when the inner colored circle is smallest.

Paid Items

Screenshot_20160730-181944Pokemon Go is a free game with microtransactions. Players can buy varying amounts of Pokecoins, the in-game premium currency, with real world currency. Pokecoins can then be exchanged for items such as additional Poke Balls, Incense to increase Pokemon spawn rates, and extra Pokemon storage room. However, it is possible to obtain Pokecoins for free. At the top right of the shop interface is a shield icon. For every gym a player currently holds, 10 free Pokecoins can be redeemed up to a max of 100 per day. This can be done once every 24 hours and provides a viable method to obtaining premium items for all players.

Sharing the Aspirations of Enoch Hang

by Enoch Hang

Some of the aspirations that I have in computer science include pursuing a career in mobile app development and cyber securities. Some of the reasons for why I am pursuing these careers are because of a small passion of mine to help with the medical field in the efficiency and accuracy of mobile apps. I have heard many stories of people losing their lives or suffering more pain than necessary because of the inefficiency of an emergency room of a hospital or because of the processes that are too time consuming in the way they are conducted. These experiences that others have had, has not only given me a motivation to be part of picture of helping those in dire need but also the undying passion to do so. One of my aspirations in this specific situation includes an implementation of cyber securities.

Cyber securities was not always a passion of mine, not because I did not like it before, but because I was not exposed to it yet. While playing games in my junior high years, I had experience with people who were taking advantage of the faults in a game, manipulating the game to be their own playing ground. What interested me were how these people were achieving it. I began to research how people were able to bypass game securities to create a more enjoyable game. I learned that the implementation of reverse engineering of these security systems and games were needed for the hacking of a game to go through. I pursued learning the basics of a few programming languages, these including Python, Java, and C++. Now, as a second-year college student, I am pursuing a degree in Computer Science and am also taking my first programming class. With this accomplishment, I plan to pursue further ideas of creating safe cyber securities in the implementation of my mobile apps and ideas in the future.

Although I am glad that I am in a more privileged position than many people in the world, I wish that I had been exposed to the programming world earlier than I had been. It has been a few years since I was exposed to the idea of cyber securities, and now I have learned the basics of a few programming languages. My knowledge in computer science is still limited, and I wish to break that chain. As my knowledge of computer science has expanded through the few years between now and when I was exposed, I have become more interested in computer science and the capabilities of the field of study. These other aspects of computer science include the new virtual reality ideas, interactive robots, artificial intelligence and more. Though my interests continue to peak in computer science, I plan to stick to the two computer science specifics, mobile app development and cyber securities.


作者:Hank LinHank_Lin









簡單來說,規模比較大的數位廣告公司大致會分成幾個部門:業務部門(Account Management/ Business Development)、專案經理 (Project Management & Strategy)、程式部門 (Programming)、使用者經驗設計(User Experience/User Interface Design)、創意部門 (Creative Department: Visual Design, Animation, and Copywriting)、媒體採購部門 (Media Buying),以及數據分析(Data Analysis)。

  • 業務部門 (Account Management or Business Development)


  • 專案經理 (Project Management & Strategy)

每個業務接進來的工作是一個獨特的專案,自然要有一個人從頭到尾的照顧他。從策略和創意概念的發想,到細部的執行,以及和各個部門的協調,都是專案經理的工作。專案經理就是一個火車頭,釐清了方向之後就開始領導整個專案,在期限內朝著既定的目標前進。此外,網路公司的專案經理和軟體公司的專案經理有不同的定義。在軟體產業,往往會要求專案經理有PMP (Project Management Professionals) Certification,或者是熟悉敏捷軟體開發 (SCRUM Framework)。在數位廣告公司,相對不會有這麼嚴格的限制。

  • 程式部門 (Programming)

如果說專案經理是負責一個數位廣告活動的血肉,程式人員則是打造一個網路活動的骨幹。在專案經理規劃專案的初期,程式部門往往需要一同開會討論所有專案的可執行性,畢竟有的時候創意的概念太天馬行空,會造成程式執行上的不可行性:同時,增加多餘的時間除去程式上的錯誤 (debug),都是造成一個專案不能正確和有效率執行的原因。

  • 使用者經驗設計 (User Experience/User Interface Design)

在一個專案的骨幹大致確定之後,使用者經驗的團隊就會開始設計網站,或者是應用程式(App) 的介面。好的使用者介面設計團隊,能考慮到用一個最精簡的方式,讓網站的瀏覽者,或者是App的使用者可以迅速的找到他們所需要的資訊;同時,也能減少找不到資訊而增加的使用者跳出率 (Bounce Rate)。

  • 創意部門 (Creative Department: Visual Design, Animation, and Copywriting)

視覺設計主導的是整個網站或者應用程式的美術及創意表現。在專案經理在和客戶確認整個專案的過程中,除了協助提案之外,也決定了最後整個專案的風格呈現。同時,在網站的建置上,視覺設計團隊的成員,有時也會負責Flash 動畫的設計和腳本規劃。這個團隊和程式部門以及使用者經驗的團隊有著很密切的互動。


  • 媒體採購 (Media Buying)


  • 數據分析 (Data Analysis)

不論在專案的執行前期後期,數據分析都是影響專案成功與否的關鍵。就活動網站的執行中來說,數據分析部門要能夠適時的匯報活動的成效。多少的媒體導入的使用者,從首頁到分頁有多少的轉換率 (Conversion Rate),有多少被導入的瀏覽者成功的加入一個活動網站的會員等。這些數值都會是決定一個專案成功的關鍵,還有執行期初和中期調整的方向。就線上購物的網站或者是應用程式而言,平均消費價值 (AOV: Average Order Value) 也是一個勘驗整個介面成功與否的指標。這些數據,都是分析部門所掌管的,他們對數字相當敏感,同時也會是Excel或者是統計學的佼佼者。