Sharing the Aspirations of Enoch Hang

by Enoch Hang

Some of the aspirations that I have in computer science include pursuing a career in mobile app development and cyber securities. Some of the reasons for why I am pursuing these careers are because of a small passion of mine to help with the medical field in the efficiency and accuracy of mobile apps. I have heard many stories of people losing their lives or suffering more pain than necessary because of the inefficiency of an emergency room of a hospital or because of the processes that are too time consuming in the way they are conducted. These experiences that others have had, has not only given me a motivation to be part of picture of helping those in dire need but also the undying passion to do so. One of my aspirations in this specific situation includes an implementation of cyber securities.

Cyber securities was not always a passion of mine, not because I did not like it before, but because I was not exposed to it yet. While playing games in my junior high years, I had experience with people who were taking advantage of the faults in a game, manipulating the game to be their own playing ground. What interested me were how these people were achieving it. I began to research how people were able to bypass game securities to create a more enjoyable game. I learned that the implementation of reverse engineering of these security systems and games were needed for the hacking of a game to go through. I pursued learning the basics of a few programming languages, these including Python, Java, and C++. Now, as a second-year college student, I am pursuing a degree in Computer Science and am also taking my first programming class. With this accomplishment, I plan to pursue further ideas of creating safe cyber securities in the implementation of my mobile apps and ideas in the future.

Although I am glad that I am in a more privileged position than many people in the world, I wish that I had been exposed to the programming world earlier than I had been. It has been a few years since I was exposed to the idea of cyber securities, and now I have learned the basics of a few programming languages. My knowledge in computer science is still limited, and I wish to break that chain. As my knowledge of computer science has expanded through the few years between now and when I was exposed, I have become more interested in computer science and the capabilities of the field of study. These other aspects of computer science include the new virtual reality ideas, interactive robots, artificial intelligence and more. Though my interests continue to peak in computer science, I plan to stick to the two computer science specifics, mobile app development and cyber securities.


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